Monday, April 22, 2013

The List

Here's the full list of the 48 shorts I plan on reviewing.

1.- The Powerpuff Girls in: "Meat Fuzzy Lumkins"
2.- Dexter's Laboratory
3.- Yuckie Duck in: "Short Orders"
4.- Dino in: "Stay Out"
5.- Johnny Bravo
6.- Sledgehammer O'Possum in: "Out and About"
7.- George & Junior in: "Look Out Below"
8.- Hard Luck Duck
9.- Shake & Flick in: "Raw Deal in Rome"
10.- Captain Buzz Cheeply in: "A Clean Getaway"
11.- O. Ratz with Dave D. Fly in: "Rat in a Hot Tin Can"
12.- Pfish & Chip in: "Short Pfuse"
13.- The Fat Cats in: "Drip Dry Drips"
14.- George & Junior's Christmas Spectacular
15.- Yoink! of the Yukon
16.- Yuckie Duck in: "I'm on my Way"
17.- Mina & The Count in: "Interlude With a Vampire"
18.- Cow & Chicken in: "No Smoking"
19.- Boid 'N Woim
20.- Jof in "Help!"
21.- Podunk Possum in: "One Step Beyond"
22.- The Powerpuff Girls in: "Crime 101"
23.- Hillbilly Blue
24.- Wind-Up Wolf
25.- Courage the Cowardly Dog in: "The Chicken From Outer Space"
26.- Pizza Boy in: "No Tip"
27.- Gramps
28.- Dexter's Laboratory in: "The Big Sister"
29.- Bloo's Gang in: "Bow-Wow Buccaneers"
30.- Jungle Boy in: "Mr. Monkeyman"
31.- Godfrey & Zeek in: "Lost Control"
32.- Tumbleweed Tex in: "School Daze"
33.- Buy One, Get One Free
34.- The Kitchen Casanova
35.- The Ignoramooses
36.- Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women
37.- Pfish & Chip in: "Blammo The Clown"
38.- Awfully Lucky
39.- Strange Things
40.- Snoot's New Squat
41.- Larry & Steve
42.- Sledgehammer O'Possum in: "What's Goin on Back There?!"
43.- Zoonatics in: "Home Sweet Home"
44.- Swamp & Tad in: "Mission Imfrogable"
45.- Dino in: "The Great Egg-Scape"
46.- Malcom & Melvin
47.- Tales of Worm Paranoia
48.- Malcom & Melvin in: "Babe! He Calls Me"

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  1. Did you know that Malcolm the cockroach from the Malcolm and Melvin shorts first appeared in Bakshi's feature Coonskin? Just a little trivia I decided to throw out. Interestingly, I've heard that both Malcolm & Melvin shorts were originally meant to R-rated theatrical shorts, but were edited in post-production to be child-friendly.